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School of Many

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The school's main focus is political education. We work with formal and informal groups to develop practical learning experiments to aid organizations in struggle. 

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Palestine Pamphlets 


This is a one day event for making educational workbooks about Palestine. We will come together to learn more about the history, culture, and ongoing struggle of Palestinians. Then we will take what we've learned, reflect on it, and generate simple prompts and exercises for a workbook that others can learn from. 

Saturday November 18th @ 10 AM

email us if you'd like to come, children are welcome!

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Escuelita de Noche is an informal group that meets once a week to learn Spanish while studying the sociopolitical background of countries in Central and South America. They also work with Casa Hernandez, a free store in Humboldt Park, to organize free food and clothing distribution and the occasional language exchange night. Email us if you're interested in joining.  


The school collaborates with various labor organizers to develop worker's education for labor unions with a focus on history and cultural production. Message us if your workplace is organizing and you're interested in running something with us.  

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