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School of Many Questions


Turning for 2 

<3 Valentines Week Special <3


In this one day class, you and a friend engage in the time honored art of woodturning by carving a pair of candlestick holders on the lathe. We explore one of the more sculptural and intuitive processes in woodworking, transforming blocks of wood into flowing, sensuous objects of utility and art. This class is an inquiry into the basic techniques of an ancient process, the candlestick as a tool for both illumination and celebration, and the pleasure of creative production done in the company of a loved one. 


Class size: 2 people

Cost: $300

Dates: Wednesday February 8th, 5-9 pm (FULL)


Thursday February 9th, 5-9 pm (FULL)


Friday February 10th, 5-9 pm (FULL)

Saturday February 1lth, 10-2 pm (FULL)

Sunday February 12th, 10-2 pm (FULL)

candle drawing silhouette_edited.jpg
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