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School of Many Questions

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Social Memory Clock


This is a day-and-a-half long clock making class where students will paint, collage, do some light woodworking, and chat about the past through a collective storytelling exercise (in candlelight).  Prior to the first evening, participants will be asked to select what we call a 'social-memory' - an historical event from the past that they were not present for but has meaning to them. In class, students will be transported into their social memory with the help of the group and then translate their recollection into colors, shapes, and imagery for their clock. The ultimate aim? To spend a reflective but leisurely day creating a unique and functional timekeeper that is also a document of history - one that is able to remind us of our ongoing commitment to our memories and their commitment to us. 


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New dates soon: email us to be put on the waitlist! 

Class size: 5

To register, email us at

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Caning Circle w/ Danny and Lee

This is a two-day class where we will weave the seat of a stool using the traditional methods in natural strand cane (“rattan peel”). Students will leave with the stool and the ability to repair hand-woven cane seats, or weave new ones of their own design.

Winter session (3 days)


Friday, March 1; 6pm-9pm

Saturday, March 2; 10am-5pm

Saturday, March 9; 10am-5pm


Summer session (3 days)


Friday, September 6; 6pm-9pm

Saturday, September 7; 10am-5pm

Saturday, September 14; 10am-5pm

~Class size: 6



~To register, email us at or send payment HERE!

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